This page is written for anyone who feels about a health that is very entertaining readers, and here contains all the virtual world information that is often in search through search engines, whether about the ideals and reality of life, and many more that we can not mention one by one.

The first time the establishment of this Puisicinta on the basis of the blog admin just to eliminate saturation in the work, so the idea arose to create a health media to entertain a friend's friends readers. But actually blog admin has been long in the blogger world since 2010, but because too much work ofline admin blog more in the world ofline than online.

Hopefully with the presence of puisicinta, can make all the good old teenage young people can still be slang. Gaul with the world of information, thank you.

That's enough of me and we Say Thank you very much for your trust in this Blog, critics and suggestions please send it to Email: Catatanfiksi@gmail.com for progress Blog Puisicinta

The final word
Wallahul'maufik Illaakwamithorik ...
Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb